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Having a great anteverted uterus shouldn’t interfere with your sex life, but it surely can make intercourse more challenging. It can also place pressure on your own pelvis. If you are having pain during intercourse, talk to your doctor.

There are some sex positions that may work better for you. Although they may not increase your likelihood of conception, they may increase your enjoyment.

A puppy design sex status is one of the perfect for anteverted uterus females. It’s like having your partner enter in coming from behind, when you lie on your stomach. They have declared that this position provides you with the best transmission.

You can even try the reverse cowgirl posture. It’s a a bit more advanced compared to the doggy design. This position is meant to provide you with the best penetration possible when allowing you to control your sex encounter.

For anybody who is going to do the reverse cowgirl, it is important that you keep your butt lifted. This helps maintain the cervix start. It is also a good idea to slender forward to stimulate your partner better. This position may be more leisurely for you when you are already used to face-to-face intercourse.


A missionary sex posture is another good choice for you if you with an anteverted uterus. In this placement, you rest on your back with your body propped up on pillows. This permits sperm to attain the cervix while maintaining an easy sexual activity position.

If you want for top level sex placement for your anteverted uterus, it’s best to speak with the gynecologist. You can also ask the new partner if perhaps she likes rear access.